eKitabu CEMASTEA  Lesson Of The Year Award



eKitabu in collaboration with CEMASTEA has come up with an award for the best innovative teachers in classroom practices in mathematics and sciences.

The teachers will participate and benefit, through a teacher’s competition to create innovative lessons in mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics. This will help promote ICT integration in teaching and learning and STEM which can help achieve transformative educational outcomes

The main objectives of the Competition are:

  1. Develop ICT teacher capacity at secondary by enhancing ICT skills in tandem with digital literacy
  2. Encourage Teachers of Mathematics and Sciences to integrate ICT in the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Sciences which will ultimately enhance the quality of teaching and learning and education in general and aid in the realization of vision 2030.
  3. Give Mathematics and Science teachers opportunities to reflect on how best to use technology to further education, and to express ideas in their own voices
  4. Develop and document best innovative classroom practices


The competition is open to all teachers in public secondary schools and best innovative lessons will be awarded during the annual heads conference starting 2017. The schools and the county where the winning teacher comes from will also be recognized.


eKitabu CEMASTEA Lesson of the year award

This is to be awarded to the best teachers in the country who develops and implements the best innovative ICT integrated lesson.

  • Teacher

Should be a teacher of either Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Physics teaching in public secondary schools in Kenya

He/She must be TSC employed

  • Lesson

It should be an ICT integrated lesson focusing on promotion of 21st century skills and STEM aspects

Aspects to be checked will include but not limited to

Innovation, Creativity, Critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, analysis, interpretation, synthesizing information, Research skills and practices, interrogative questioning, self-direction, planning, self-discipline, adaptability, initiative and communication.  Others include Leadership, teamwork, collaboration, cooperation and learner involvement.

Attention will also be on how technology can be used to deliver content (a difficult concept) in an innovative way making the lesson be enjoyable to the learners.


Teachers to submit a written lesson plan and a video of the taught lesson for judging. The lesson plan to be submitted in pdf format through, the email ictlessonplan2017@cemastea.ac.ke and the video lesson can uploaded in the mail or CEMASTEA web portal or burn in a CD or DVD and send to: CEMASTEA, P.O. Box 24214, 00502 Nairobi.

The lesson plan and the video should be well labelled with the following.





Lesson title (Topic):

The lesson plan and the video should reach CEMASTEA on or before Friday 24th March 2017


Registration and submission will be done online through CEMASTEA website www.cemastea.ac.ke. Please click the link below:



For any queries or clarification contact:  ictlessonplan2017@cemastea.ac.ke



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