eKitabu with BRCK Education School Visits

eKitabu partnered with BRCK  to visit several schools in various counties in Kenya. The goal was to show Principals, HeadTeachers, Teachers and students how to access ebooks from the Kio Kit.

The ebooks that eKitabu provides are from local and international publishers at a fraction of the cost of textbooks. eKitabu has over 500,000 titles collected from educational publishers worldwide including books in Swahili, Arabic, Kinyarwanda and others approved for national curricula, with a growing list of languages and titles that scales to support new projects and countries where we work.

The Kio Kit is a simple and elegant solution made up of 40 Kio tablets, a BRCK, wireless tablet charging to reduce breakage, and a hardened, water-resistant, lockable case. There is a single plug used to charge the kit and one button to power on the entire system.

Olerai Schools – Kajiado County



Namelok Academy – Kajiado County



Source: eKitabu