eKitabu Media Breakfast

A media breakfast in the eKitabu offices was held to brief the media about the programs that we are working on including the Digital Essay Competition for students, ICT Teacher Of The Year Award (iTOYA) for teachers in the STEM (Science – Biology, Chemistry & Physics, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects in collaboration with CEMASTEA.

Also in the brief, was the Technology for Inclusive Education (TfIE) where we are piloting a digital literacy program for special needs learners in Thika Primary School for the Blind and Thika Secondary School for the Blind. Martin Kieti, Chairperson, Kenya Union of the Blind gave important insights into the project.

The interviews and features done by some of the media houses are below the photos.



Media Breakfast plenary: https://youtu.be/L5SLse6-oqo

Exclusive Interview: https://youtu.be/rqj0KPwSikI.

Source: eKitabu