What is the problem we solve?

DLT will deliver high quality, local educational content in a highly cost-effective manner for Kenya’s 2016 Digischool project involving 1.2M tablets and laptops, 22,000 Kenyan public primary schools, and over 5M students and teachers including over 5,000 special needs learners.

What is our solution?

Packaging government-approved ebooks from Kenya’s educational publishers securely on all Digischool devices will dramatically lower the cost to deliver over 200M books for Kenyan primary education. DLT will deliver quality textbooks and storybooks in English and Kiswahili for all primary subjects and for far less than the cost of print books. DLT uses open source technology and open standards for digital publishing to maximize sustainable impact at scale.

What public good does this create?    

Impact:The World Bank’s comprehensive 2015 study, “Where Have All the Textbooks Gone?” declared: “the availability of textbooks appears to be the single most consistently positive factor in predicting educational achievement.” Over 5M teachers and students will benefit directly from accessing quality teaching and learning materials. Teacher and student adoption of digital content will help catalyze the wider local ecosystem of content, connectivity, and services.

 Why is this the best solution?   

Timing: Without timely intervention, Digischool devices will have severely limited educational content and none at all from local Kenyan publishers. Since few Kenyan schools have Internet access, Digischool devices need to be loaded with content before they are distributed, otherwise they will be highly unlikely to receive the educational content for teaching and learning that schools need to deliver quality education across Kenya’s 47 counties. DLT has the content, open standards based technology, and distribution agreements in place with Kenya’s publishers to deliver the content now.

Cost: With a package of government-approved ebooks from Kenya’s leading educational publishers including Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, Moran Publishers, and Longhorn Publishers installed securely and licensed for use on all Digischool devices, we can lower the cost of delivering curriculum content dramatically. DLT also aims to bring external funding for the content which at present is unfunded in Digischool.

Sustainable impact:  In combination with delivering the content, DLT will bring Monitoring & Evaluation as well as Teacher Training to Digischool.These initiatives promote the short term and long term impact of Digischool. Furthermore, engaging local Kenyan publishers who develop the content most familiar to Kenyan teachers promotes sustainability—by stimulating teachers’ adoption of digital content and by supporting local publishers that develop it.

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